The Masonic Foundation founded in October 1964, is a non-profit organization with philanthropic objectives.

Our temple is the last of its kind in Canada.



The objectives of the Masonic Foundation of Quebec (La Fondation Maconnique du Quebéc) are:

  • Benevolence at large in the Province of Quebec, outside of our fraternity’s membership.
  • Equipment for hospitals and research centers in the Province of Quebec.
  • Aid to education, through bursaries, etc..
  • Encourage charitable activities beneficial to the Quebec community.
  • Relief of poverty and misfortune, beyond the financial assistance available from welfare, medicare, and/or emergency measures.
  • Provide accommodation to Lodges, Chapters, etc.. within the Masonic Order, whose role it is to teach the virtues and improve the mind, thus creating nobility of character for all of its members.
  • Maintain the Historic Temple and preserve the building for future generations of Freemasons.


As the official guardians of this historic building, our objective is to preserve our temple for all future generations of Freemasons in Quebec. The foundation takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of the building and provides space for our tenants which includes, The Grand Lodge of Quebec, constituent lodges and other commercial businesses. 

The Masonic Foundation of Quebec has been working to preserve the exterior and interior of the building. In order to provide for the long-term maintenance and restoration of the building, the Foundation began to prepare a preservation program in 1999.

The Foundation has been working with a historical architectural specialist, Nathalie Smith (NCS architecture) and specialty trades, with the objective of ensuring that the Montreal Memorial Temple would continue to be an ornament of the community and the Nation.

A parallel program to catalogue and consolidate the archives held in the building was also implemented, thus protecting the records of an important institution.